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Hold the Banks Accountable!

Wells Fargo Bank in San Andreas is the location for our monthly, random acts of kindness to the environment, also known as nonviolent peaceful vigils for justice, during which the public can hear about Wells Fargo's support for violence against folks in North Dakota: the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Friday Nov. 25th was the first local action regarding this issue. Another few vigils for justice have been held since then, and Friday February 24th was the first street theater performance in the parking lot and on the sidewalk highlighting the foolish investment of the banks into the crazy violence of Energy Transfer Partners out in North Dakota. During the debut performance of this prescient theatrical piece it was clear that a "Wells Fargo Representative" repeatedly gave the "C.E.O. of Energy Transfer Partners" a huge check for doomsday operations on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Meanwhile, "Water" was pierced with a leaky pipeline while "Fish&Water" tried to absorb the "toxic oil" of the the inevitable ETP spill.

Now is the time for Wells Fargo customers to take their money out of that financial institution, placing it elsewhere, and for Wells Fargo to cancel their financial dealings with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), under the guidance of ETP.

We hope all banks will divest from Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), and the bank customers will hold the banks accountable by personally closing their own accounts to signal dissatisfaction with disgusting practices conducted by such banks.

Come vigil with us! It's nonviolent, and you don't have to risk arrest! Call Kelley for more info: 209.728.2193.

See the news release for February's demonstration of love in San Andreas.

February 2017: the call to divest continues!

2016: Raw Drone Video of Water Attacks

See the flier distributed at vigils
CLICK for flier distributed at the San Andreas prayer-action

What Happened in the Year 2016?

In response to the autumn escalation of violence at Standing Rock, North Dakota, Native American organizers initiated a week of action starting on November 25th that led to proper behavior from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Writing on the #NoDAPL facebook page, organizers recognize that the "financiers of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the police departments that have been brought in" to the region in order to "brutalize water protectors." Anyone watching social media can see the brutality and suffering inflicted upon the water protectors. It's time to hold the perpetrators of violence accountable, through nonviolent direct prayer-actions of peace, for justice, and good fun for all present.

Back then, they said that the financial footing of the Dakota Access Pipeline "is in jeopardy if they do not complete the project by January 1st". That put on more pressure, since the deadline was missed: "a majority of the stakeholders with contracts to ship oil through the pipeline will be able to renegotiate or cancel their contracts." The sinister guilt of ETP and the other pipeline companies behind DAPL need to STOP putting people at risk, both as a good business practice (avoid lawsuits for damaging humans and the environment) and as good ethics (avoiding hurting humans and the environment). The only way forward in peace and justice is for the guilty parties (Energy Transfer Partners and their hired guns) to FIRST: cease and desist from the terribly violent attacks against peaceful civilians; AND SECOND: fail in their project of terrorism and environmental destruction.

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Where To Find More Documentation

You can connect DIRECTLY with the water protectors of North Dakota through many methods, such as connecting with one of the four camps (Oceti Sakowin):

Mail your support to Oceti Sakowin Camp, P.O. Box 298, Cannonball, ND 58528

Here's a map of the banking connections for the pipelines:

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