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this parrot was kidnapped, errrr CATnapped?
Born in 2016, Parrot is just a kitten through early 2017, but always a Parrot, living amidst four actual parrots.

Ferral Colony Cats get names too!
Fob-Blue was born in January, on the 46th anniversary of the nuclear test by the same name.

Kawich A Blue stops nuclear weapons
Kawich A Blue, at the independent republic of Catherine's House, is FORMERLY the sire of dozens of ferral kittens!

San Juan and Saint John
San Juan was captured by cat-trappers on October 3rd.
San Juan's counterpart was detonated on October 20th

Tafi is a wildcat
Tafi in Silver City, NM

Little Feller is the name of the nuclear bomb and the unclear gato.
Little Feller is the kitten offspring of Able.

Able is the name of the nuclear bomb and the unclear katzen.
Able is an adequate mother cat.