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Sazerac is kitty hiding from missing momma.
Sazerac is truly a Phantom, who misses Missy.

this parrot was kidnapped, errrr CATnapped?
Born in 2016, Parrot is just a kitten through early 2017, but always a Parrot, living amidst four actual parrots.

Ferral Colony Cats get names too!
Fob-Blue was born in January, on the 46th anniversary of the nuclear test by the same name.

Kawich A Blue stops nuclear weapons
Kawich A Blue, at the independent republic of Catherine's House, is FORMERLY the sire of other feral kittens!

Tafi is a wanna-be wildcat
Tafi is meditating... chanting... "Happy to help with the cause."

San Juan and Saint John
San Juan was captured by cat-trappers on October 3rd.
San Juan's counterpart was detonated on October 20th

Clean Slate III is a cat, not a nuke
Clean Slate the Third came from a virgin birth!

Little Feller I is the name of the nuclear bomb and the legal name for this Companion.
Little Feller I is the offspring of Able, and he's a good Companion--yet another Tomcat for Tom.

Little Feller II is the name of the nuclear bomb and the unclear gato.
Little Feller II is a little tiger: rip-roaring his way through the hearts of dozens in Kansas.

Project 56 No. 1 on 11/1/1955
Project 56 Number One is NOT a tricky limerick-styled name,
and will only get your tounge if you are
a mouse, and won't twist your toungue unless you are
a gopher, so--go ahead, GO-fer it!

Midas Myth/Milagro	2/15/1984
Midas Myth/Milagro is the triple-m-thread of swooning sourgrass sniffer's delights...

Able is the name of the nuclear bomb and the unclear katzen.
Able is an adequate mother cat.

Pinedrops-Sloat (male kitty) lives well in Yuba City, CA.
Pinedrops-Sloat lives well in Yuba City, CA

Scree-Acajou is a female livewire with friends all over the house.
Scree-Acajou is happy with her roommates in Yuba City too.

Mushroom at Lovarchy Farm!
Mushroom was found in Yuba City just prior to a new CW Farm foundation!