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The FIRST 25 cats trying to help.
The NEXT 25 cats trying to help.

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The Second 25 Cats to Take on THIS TASK

Bobac (asks for a night out on the town)

Cactus Casey in love again
Cactus in the South Valley (disappeared August 2009)

Little Ms. Cheedam in the waiting room for the veterinarian staff to bring the news: FLV.

FizzyFuzzyFussball visits the Catholic Worker.
Fizz @ Atrisco, NM (2006)

She whines and whines for no apparent reason.
Cinnamon Toast Girl in Nuevo Mexico (2006)

DAMIENdamianDAMANI copyright BADCAT (2004)
Daman I ???

He loves his back scratched
Frank in Vancouver, WA (2009)

Viscosity of Blood, SHE SUCKS
Hatchet has lived in Gallup, Silver City, and Albuquerque (2006)

john @ the john
John O'Brien courtesy of BADCAT 2004

koa was deemed real in 1958
Koa @ Portland, OR

Midnight Zephyr @ Albuquerque, NM (2005)

Misty Echo
Misty @ Redwood City, CA (2005)

Mr. Russet in the land of CatHolic Workers.

Rosie killed the squirrel in BADCAT 2004

smoky needs his pic taken R.I.P.COPYRIGHT badcat 2004
Smoky, age 5 here @ Huntington Beach, CA (1980 to 1990)

This abolitionist happens to sleep with HUMANS!
Vulcan in Neuvo Mexico (2006)

Wilson loves Reggae copyright BADCAT (2004)
Wilson the Cat

Purple & Her Sister Pink
Purple & Her Sister Pink

Another 'Burqueno, Seaweed-E

Sugar is a flake of snow for peace
Sugar, the cutie-pie.

Ming Blade of 'Burque
Blade likes to bite, and SOMEbody needs a bit of therapy to overcome separation anxiety.

Garden of the Meadow lived in Calaveras County, as the anchoress of the Meadow Garden at the CatHolic Worker Farm.

Ferral Colony Cats get names too!
Aleman got snipped during the anniversary of the Butte Fire in Calaveras County.

Bluegill 3-Prime
Bluegill 3-Prime on Armstrong Rd, part of a feral colony, where everyone gets a name.

Zebra the antinuclear cat
Zebra is also part of that feral colony, where everyone gets a name.

Futtock lives every minute in opposition to nuclear weapons.
Futtock lives well in the San Francisco Bay Area!