See the Creech Air Force Base National Mobilization info page to end to drone murders.*
photo by Paula Orloff . photo by Paula Orloff
PHOTOS BY Paula Orloff
NEXT VIGILS: Monday, February 23 & Tuesday February 24
Monday's gathering is 3pm - 5pm at Main Gate (Schneider) during commute hours
followed by potluck and camping; 4675 N. Beale Rd, Marysville.
Tuesday's gathering is 6am - 8am at Wheatland Gate during commute hours
3960 S. Beale Rd. @ Ostrom Rd, Marysville.

given to Beale's Warriors on Ash Wednesday

See the Nuclear Resister's Summary
of the Ash Wednesday Prayer-Action

The US drone program is rapidly proliferating as air bases are being converted to drone bases across the U.S. and abroad. Beale helps other off-site drone operators commit crimes against humanity and war crimes by allowing Beale's surveillance equipment (via drone) to inform killers how to target their illicit assassinations.

Since 2012 dozens of activists have been arrested for allegedly trespassing at Beale AFB in Northern CA, in attempts to stop the indiscriminate killing and burning of innocent people by drones. In a time of burning children, the no trespass signs attached to the fences that protect the crimes perpetrated with drones are not legitimate and they do not command our obedience. After all, it is the U.S. military that is guilty of lethal trespassing, particularly in places where no war has been declared, and particularly when innocent folks get killed.

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Vets for Peace Indictment @ Beale April 2014

* "Murder" is as a legal term that ordinarily does not apply to acts of war. The contemporary legal problem with robotic/automatic warfare is that the deliberate killings of non-warriors and non-combatants are globally known as War Crimes. They are furthermore problematic when the killings are automatic/robotic/drone-based rather than direct face-to-face killings (whereby the killers have the chance to use their own consciences regarding whether or not the individuals they are trying to kill are indeed fellow-warriors, fellow-terrorists, fellow-consensual combatants willing to kill and be killed for the sake of their ideologies) and known globally as Crimes Against Humanity. Such killings are also classified as Crimes Against Peace when they are conducted as surprise attacks against innocent civilians. Such murders/killings/assassinations have been labeled as those kinds of crimes ( of War, against Peace, against Humanity) by the Nuremberg Principles, still in effect, precisely Principle VI.