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Why Are Catholic Workers
At These Demonstrations?

In addition to the obvious SERVICE of helping each other meet basic needs, we are compelled to the work of RESISTANCE to the domination system. This resistance often has different flavors at any given moment, as Catholic Workers and friends respond to urgent, contemporary threats and human misbehaviors. The Works of Mercy directly contradict the more popular works of war in this day and age. Three big arenas of violence we must resist in the current era are:
The Dakota Access Pipeline
Weaponized Drones
Nuclear Weapons Systems

If you are pro-family, pro-environment, pro-life, pro-peace, or pro-people, then you may be already aware that robotic warfare and nuclear weapons threaten all those things you promote. Look into these issues of weaponized drones, nuclear warfare and environmental disruption via fossil fuel transport!

The living creatures, human families, and law-enforcers need to pay attention to the spiritual sickness constantly brewed up by drone assassination teams, radioactive weaponry and oil extraction. The same groups need to put an end to nuclear weapons work as well. If we care about human existence, or human rights, or common decency, and if we care about the souls of the folks in the USA, then many activities must be curtailed IMMEDIATELY to protect future generations, and our current population on the planet. Together we can love each other enough to stop all computerized, robotic, high-tech warfare and production of nuclear waste (including nuclear weapons work).

NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION at Creech Air Force Base to shut it down for goodness' sake.
If you're in Calaveras County, hold the local bank accountable.
If you're in California, go to Livermore on Ash Wednesday.

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